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Important Polygon update for Miden released: detail

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Important Polygon update for Miden released: detail

Important Polygon update for Miden released: detail

Polygon (MATIC) has released an important update for Miden. In this cryptocurrency post, we will go into details about this update.

Important polygon update for Miden

With the release of the new software, the performance of Stark’s proof solution in Polygon has improved dramatically.

Crypto developer Bobin Treadber, Miden lead at Polygon, and former Facebook core researcher ZK, shares details of the latest MidenVM upgrade. An update that is arguably the most technically advanced solution in collections.

Miden Polygon gets a major VM upgrade. Details The Polygon team deployed a new version of Miden VM (version 0.7), which is the latest version of the STARK-based solution. It has an improved assembly language, an advanced development library and optimized data logistics. The details of this milestone were covered by Miden founder Bobin Treadber in his X thread.

Features of the new version

The new version includes a number of improvements to the Miden assembly language. This build brings support for nested modules and module aliases, constant value expressions, and debugging instructions for developers.

Also, the Miden standard library (a collection of routines that can be invoked by any Miden program) now includes “compact sparse Merkel” trees with 256-bit keys and Falcon signature verification.

In terms of the virtual machine itself, Miden developers reworked the way the VM communicates with the host environment and optimized some internal VM components. Advanced reports on program execution are also included in this release. As a result, the performance of the entire virtual machine reached new peaks, which were also recorded on different hardware devices:

On the performance side, we ran all of our benchmarks again. VM performance improved by 30% compared to the last time we ran them. Overall, performance has improved by about 2x compared to where we were in early 2023.

Last but not least, the developers added criteria for proof of suitability for returns.

Polygon, Miden goes beyond the limitations of EVM

Acquired by Polygon in late 2021, Miden is an attempt to move Polygon’s (MATIC) tools beyond the EVM equivalent. Instead of EVM, Miden relies on its own virtual machine variant, MidenVM. Technically, it is a new generation second layer solution for Ethereum (ETH) based on zero-knowledge scalable transparent reasoning or zk-STARKs.

Since 2022, the Miden Polygon has been one of the main axes of ZK Polygon Axis (MATIC) developments. Polygon, Miden is the first blockchain to advocate a new proof-of-concept model, namely “client-side proof-of-concept”.