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Should we buy Tether or American paper dollars?

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Should we buy Tether or American paper dollars?

We came with a very controversial article in the field of digital currency. Since the digital currency fever started among people. Stablecoins found a very special place. But buying dollars these days has become a serious challenge for our people. That’s why we do our best to guide you through this. Today, people think that if they buy Tether, they have made a lot of profit. Definitely, this money belongs to the people themselves and no one can comment.

But you should pay attention to some very important points to protect your capital. First of all, if you are going to buy Tether. To get the average price and the best price to buy. Have a look at the live price table of digital currencies on our site. This price will help you find the exchange that has the best price to offer. Even if you can’t find the right price. Our colleagues will be by your side. Our colleagues will help you to buy cheap Tether.

What is a stablecoin? “what is stable coin”


If you have a little familiarity with digital currency space, you definitely know that we have 3 models of digital currency. The first category are coins whose price is variable, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The second category is those tokens whose price is also variable. But you should pay attention to a few points that we will mention in the next sections. Finally, the third category is coins or tokens whose price is fixed. These are called stablecoins. We will have several stablecoins in the digital currency world.

We will have a brief look at each in this section. Stablecoins have a fixed price of around one dollar. But it is possible that in some cases their price is 1-3% away from the real dollar. The reason is the concepts of supply and demand. In this section, we will review some of the most popular stablecoins.

  1. USDT or Tether

Tether is currently the most powerful stablecoin in the world. This stablecoin has a market capitalization of about 8 billion dollars. It is backed by property. On the other hand, each unit of this currency is around 1 US dollar. There are different networks that can be used to transfer it. For every Tether that is produced, one US dollar is held in US Treasuries.

The width of Tether is not limited, but you should note that this cryptocurrency has many legal bumps. When we are going to talk to you about the challenge to buy Tether or USD. We will discuss this further. In a way, it can be said that Bitfinex is the owner of Tether. Almost all current wallets support Tether.

  1. DAI or the same Dai


If we want to have an expert review of digital currencies for you, we must tell you that Dai is a strong stablecoin example for our transactions and purchases. Because Dai is based on a DeFi or decentralized financial system. This system fixes its price by increasing its interest rate when the price of the die is less than 1 dollar. When its price is more than one dollar. By reducing the interest rate, it fixes the price of the die at one dollar.

Also note that Dai is one of the most important tokens of the Ethereum blockchain. One of the most important points about Dai is that the Dai control system is managed in a decentralized and transparent manner. This is exactly one of the things that can work for us in the field of digital currency. On the other hand, Dai can be a safe and untraceable asset for you.

  1. Binance BUSD


Since 2019, digital currency pumps started and on the other hand, Binance exchange also gained an initial credibility. began to introduce Dai to the digital currency market. You might say to yourself what the knowledge of stablecoins has to do with the question “should we buy Tether or dollars”. Follow until the end of this article to understand the reason for these short introductions. So where were we, we were talking about the Binance Dollar which is currently live on the Binance Mainnet. Binance has pledged to keep one US dollar in its coffers for every unit of Binance dollar produced. But at present, no bank or special organization supervises this issue. On the other hand, Binance exchange has also proven itself that it does not have a good relationship with Iranians.


Should we buy Tether or US dollars in paper form?


Up to this point in the article, you have become familiar with some of the main stablecoins of the digital currency market. This list may continue up to 15 numbers, but our goal was digital currencies that had minimal validity and security. Your main question to us was whether to buy Tether or dollars, we have to tell you that neither, but you should buy Dai. It is better to follow this section until the end to understand the advantage of Dai over other stablecoins.

Tether can be blocked and frozen by its manufacturer. The reason is that Iran is on the US sanctions list. They can simply freeze your Tether inside your wallet. On the other hand, buying paper dollars also has risks for you that can seriously affect the value of your work. But on the other hand, Dai does not have any of these risks and on the other hand, it is uncontrollable by the government. Rather, the basis of its work is the blockchain network and its smart contract.

Using Dai can bring you a good loan or interest, of course, provided that you are familiar with the field of DeFi and blockchain. Experts in this field can

give you guidance. On the other hand, Dai has relatively more credibility in large exchanges.

Due to some Tether legal cases, the use of Tether has been banned in some countries. Because they have faced problems for risk management. Ma Dai is not like that and it can make you a huge credit.


Is there any other option instead of die?


By reading the previous section, you realized that Tether is not very secure, that’s why it is better to use Dai. but do not worry. We still have one more offer for you and that is Binance Dollar or BUSD. If you have an active account in the Binance exchange, this issue can bring you good side benefits.




In this article, we explained in detail about the question of whether to buy Tether or US paper dollars. We must tell you that each of these definitely has its own advantages. If you are looking for a safe investment with the right amount of interest, then Dai is definitely the best choice for you. As a last point, we must tell you that it is better to keep your assets in hardware wallets.

Because otherwise, your property may be at risk of being hacked or frozen. Do not keep your money inside the exchange. On the other hand, keep in mind that having a small amount of paper dollars can help you.