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The best Iranian digital currency exchange

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If you search the word buy bitcoin or buy digital currency in Farsi, you will definitely be surprised by the results! In October of 2016, when Iranian users’ accounts were blocked on the bittrex website, millions of dollars were blocked from Iranian assets, and since then, Iranian exchanges have mushroomed. This has made it more difficult to choose a reliable exchange with the right criteria. Or, for example, some time ago, the Cryptoland exchange, which was an Iranian exchange, blocked the accounts of all its users and has not returned the money of any of its users!


One of the questions that users often ask us these days is which exchange to join? Which exchange is the most reliable exchange in Iran? Has the Iranian exchange been able to get a license to buy and sell bitcoin? Are Iranian exchanges safer than foreign exchanges? These are the questions that we are going to answer on this page and get to know the top ten digital currency exchanges and the ranking of Iranian exchanges.


Tetherland Exchange


Tetherland Exchange is one of the oldest exchanges in Iran that has provided cryptocurrency services in Iran since 2016. Currently, you can buy about 100 different digital currencies from Tetherland and transfer them to your personal wallet. Currently, Tethers sent to users from Tetherland are processed outside of Iran without using external exchange api and through a dedicated node. This is a distinctive feature compared to competitors, because other exchanges mostly use the Binance API.


To increase the security of users’ assets and reduce the risk of sanctions, Tetherland always updates its wallet addresses. You will find out the truth of this issue when selling Tether or after buying Tether. So; There is no need to worry about the transactions you make in Tetherland.




High security and diverse wallets

Many festivals




Not having a test net space

Strictness in authentication


Valex exchange


Valex exchange is the work of a team of students of Sharif University and Tehran, who have been active in the field of digital currencies in recent years. According to this site, about 86 thousand users are engaged in trading digital currencies. Valex sees the goal of its site as creating a safe platform for making transactions and keeping customers’ assets. This site also uses two-step login and is developing its mobile application. Verification of identity on this site is a bit strict, but there is no need for a selfie clip. Just a photo with your profile and commitment letter is enough and your account will be approved. Of course, you should note that in order to confirm your authentication, you will need a fixed line that will call you by appointment. Fortunately, there are holidays and unofficial hours for employees in this timetable.


Other features of Valex exchange


In the initial experience of Mihan Signal experts in using Valax, the main problem was replacing the bases of the market. For example, you enter the Bitcoin trading section and you want to buy some Bitcoin, but by default the base of the Bitcoin market is Rial. When you change the base of the market, the price chart is completely changed, and sometimes in the meantime, changing the site is disrupted.


Of course, it goes without saying that one of the best features of Valex is placing orders at prices outside of the spot rate. For this purpose, if Bitcoin is $65,000, you can place a sell order at $70,000 and buy at this price. Done, your order will be closed. While in most exchanges you have to buy and sell at the spot price of that digital currency on the board, which makes you spend a lot of time finding the right price to make a profit.

Withdrawal from Rial accounts will take about 72 hours through the Satna system, and the transaction fee rate will be calculated in this system according to your transactions in the last 3 months. The commission rate will be a maximum of 0.2% and it will be lower with transactions and capital increase. Also, the minimum order amount is 100,000 Tomans. Valex has recently unveiled its loss limit and profit limit service, which is considered a great competitive advantage over its competitors.

Advantages and disadvantages of Valex exchange




Support limit loss and profit limit

Trader robot support




Lack of test space (testnet)

High fees compared to some competitors



OK Exchange


OK Exchange, which is a knowledge-based platform, is one of the best Iranian exchanges. You have probably already seen the attractive user interface and income generating plans of this platform. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you don’t miss the opportunity to use this platform. At 11:00 p.m., Iran Sarafi operators completed our authentication process in less than ten minutes, and we were able to access the attractive environment of OK Exchange.


Features of OK Exchange


Other features of OK Exchange

OK Exchange, like Nobitex, has two professional and regular markets, so if you plan to buy and sell a lot, you can use the professional environment. Also, the support of this exchange is by phone and online, and it also has a mobile application.


If you follow OK Exchange social networks, you will notice the exchange’s weekly and monthly competitions, which are held between traders and enthusiasts. The exquisite prizes of these competitions cannot be ignored!

Advantages and disadvantages of OK Exchange




Extremely beautiful user interface

The number of high and current currencies

Fast authentication




No application for IOS

Lack of test environment



Relatively high fees


Remzinx exchange


Ramsinks exchange is one of the oldest trading platforms for Bitcoin and other digital currencies. This platform consists of two main parts: exchange and trade. In the exchange section, you can easily see the price of the currency you want and make your transaction. Note that in the exchange section, you cannot include your desired price for the transaction. Unlike the exchange section, in the trade section, you can offer your offer and deal with other users.


Features of Ramsinks exchange




Easy buying and selling of digital currencies.

Creating high security for users.




Difficult and complex graphics for beginners.

Slow servers when the website is busy.


Other features of Ramsinks exchange

Ramsinks has a lot of quality educational articles that are worth reading. The minimum order amount in this exchange is 100 thousand tomans, which is an acceptable amount. The number of registered employees of Remzinx is 37 employees, which shows the size of this Iranian exchange.


With the passage of time and the existence of new technologies such as the Lightning network or support for Segwayt addresses, almost all the exchanges on this list had an acceptable performance. Before choosing the best Iranian cryptocurrency exchange, be sure to do enough research and register in the exchange with complete knowledge and knowledge.

Exchange Elixir


This exchange claims that its online wallets use Amazon’s ultra-secure services, which have multi-layered access and protection. In this site, the user levels are divided into five categories, which charges about 0.025% commission for beginners. Elixir Exchange has telephone and ticket support and the terms of use of services and obligations of users are clearly there. Unfortunately, this site does not have a beautiful and simple appearance at all, and it may be very confusing for beginner users to work with it. But on the other hand, it has special mobile software and you can easily buy and sell with mobile.


Features of Elixir exchange


Other features of Elixir exchange


The minimum order amount in Elixir Exchange is 100 thousand Tomans and it supports 15 top digital currencies. Elixir currently has the rank of 578 in Alexa Iran and has been working since 2018. Regarding the security of cryptocurrencies in Elixir wallets, it is stated that:


All Elixir servers and wallets are resistant to DDOS attacks. Also, for greater security, most of the assets of Elixir users are kept offline, and only a small part of the assets are on the online wallet, which are kept on the ultra-secure AWS services owned by Amazon.

If the above claim is correct, it can be said that Elixir is the safest digital currency exchange in Iran.

Advantages and disadvantages of Elixir exchange




Support for various currencies

Support for different blockchain networks

Information about fixing site bugs




Very poor user interface and graphics

Slow mobile app

Lack of test space (testnet)


Robin cash exchange


One of the newest Iranian digital currency exchanges is called Robin Cash, which has new and unique tools. For example, for the first time, an Iranian exchange has been able to implement Limit, Stop-limit and Market capabilities in its markets. With the help of this feature, you can create profit and loss limits for your transactions and automate your transactions without needing to monitor the price.


Features of Robin Cash exchange


Other features of Robin Cash exchange

Also, this exchange supports TRC 20, ERC 20 and BEP2 networks; So you don’t have to pay only the high fees of the Ethereum network when transferring your currencies. Also, the existence of the BEP2 network allows you to directly trade all tokens on the Binance platform, such as Binance Coin.

This exchange has even collected hardware and accessories related to wallets and digital currencies for its users to cover the needs of users of this platform.

But perhaps the most key feature of Robin Cash exchange can be considered the existence of test markets for the beginning of new traders. Also, the presence of contact information and the exact address of the company’s office makes more users trust this young exchange.


Also, if you are into excitement and competition, I suggest you follow the competitions of this exchange on social networks to win the prizes of these competitions.

Advantages and disadvantages of Robin Cash exchange




Having a test space

Support for various currencies

Earning by referral




Not having an application

Regimental and temporary outages



Bitpin exchange


Bitpin exchange is one of the new and up-to-date exchanges that is almost ready to compete with the biggest exchanges! This exchange adds trending and updated digital currencies to its list almost every week and supports various blockchain networks.


Advantages and disadvantages of Bitpin exchange




Very nice appearance and easy to use for beginners to professional users

Quick and advanced purchase capability for beginners and professional users




It does not have a test environment

Authentication in the above steps requires a house document and a lease


Exchange conversion


Bardeh Exchange is one of the best Iranian exchanges for buying and selling digital currencies. This exchange has a professional team that is ready to support and serve customers 24 hours a day. This exchange uses tools such as stop loss to manage risk in transactions. The authentication process in this exchange is designed to create a safe environment and prevent hacker attacks. People to authenticate