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What is the time frame in digital currency? Investigating the multi-time frame strategy

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Hello, we came today with a very excellent article in the field of technical and trade. You may also have heard about digital currency time frames many times during the training of technical topics. We are going to teach you a technique today. which can significantly increase your trading profit. Of course, note that the multi-time frame technique requires practice and repetition and simply does not benefit you.

So that you can get a decent return from this article. You need to strengthen two parts in yourself. The first part you need to improve is that you have a good perspective on the candles. For this purpose, it is better to have a brief look at the article “Teaching technical analysis with candlestick chart”. The second thing you should pay attention to is to understand the nature of technical analysis as well as classical patterns. For this purpose, I suggest you the article “Types of classic patterns of technical analysis”.

What is a time frame?


When you start learning technical analysis, you will realize that the market has two sides. One is time, which is defined on the horizontal axis, and the other is the vertical axis, on which the price is defined. So that we all have a single data and present our analysis in an authentic way. There are usually several agreed times, which are:

1H – 4H – 1D – 1W -1M -1Y – 1min – 5 min – 10min – 15 min In general, our time frame starts from one minute and lasts up to one year. This is what we mean by the 15 minute time frame. Each candle takes 15 minutes to open and close. But you should also pay attention to some very small points. The first thing you should pay attention to is that; In some styles, your time frame is also checked for 1 second. Of course, these styles also have very high accuracy and mastery.

The next thing you should pay attention to is that these time frames are fixed. You may want to use a 16 minute time frame. Or you may want to define your time frame based on mathematical functions. And create a new and special chart for yourself. In this case, you should note that the market from your point of view is slightly different from the market from the point of view of other people, and you should focus all your attention on personal analysis.


What is a time frame?

Which time frame is more valuable in digital currency?


This question may arise for you. Which time frame is better to use in digital currency. We must tell you that this depends on the type of trade and your trading strategy. You may want to upgrade your trade step by step. And change your time frame. But it is possible that you will start learning a professional price action branch that will take you to the tick chart from the very beginning.

The first thing you should pay attention to is determining your time frame. That is, the higher your time frame, the less heavy the market moves. In this case, it can be said that you will stop less and your win rate will also increase. The lower your timeframe, the better simple technical analysis will work for you. You can get a good feedback with indicators and technical analysis. For example, the Ichi Moko indicator is an indicator that can significantly increase your growth. The

This conclusion can be reached based on the investigations carried out by the analysis team of VIP digital currency. The best time frame in digital currency is medium and long-term time frames such as 4-hour and 1-hour time frames. If you are going to be an analyst and investor. The best time frame for you is the weekly and daily time frame. Of course, it is very important for analysts to check the average price, that’s why you can use the live digital currency price table on our site.


What is a multi-time frame strategy?


Before we explain to you why multi-time frame strategy is important to us. We must tell you that the multi-time frame strategy was created according to the institutional value of each time frame. Financial institutions as well as banks in the forex or digital currency market usually operate in long-term time frames such as daily, weekly and monthly. This means that the main movement of the market is determined from the above time. Finally, investment institutions are also present in the medium-term time frame.

We mean one-hour and four-hour time frames. This means; that the short-term time frame and scalpy are also in the hands of trading robots and traders’ algorithms. Of course, note that this time frame cannot be controlled in any way by unscrupulous people or personal traders. As a result, the trading robot cannot be purchased. For this purpose, be sure to read the article “Is the trading robot really profitable?” ” use. Well, it’s better to go back to our main topic, you know what views and people there are in each time frame.

First, analyze the monthly time frame, then the daily time frame, and finally the 1-hour time frame. Or you can start analyzing the weekly time frame and finally set the 4-hour time frame and your trigger in the 15-minute time frame.

As an experienced digital currency trader, you should be aware of all these time frames. The multi-time frame strategy is based on the principle that you start analyzing from a very large time frame, which is monthly and yearly, and bring yourself to the 1-minute time frame. But some experts believe that you should first analyze the monthly time frame, then the daily time frame, and finally the 1-hour time frame. Or you can start analyzing the weekly time frame and finally set the 4-hour time frame and your trigger in the 15-minute time frame.


final word


In this article, we briefly talked about working with multi-time frames. But note that you should always focus on your risk management in trading. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the returns you want. If you are an amateur digital currency trader, it is better to use the above time frame. Over time, you can move your trades to a lower time frame by backtesting.