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Is trading robot in digital currency really profitable?

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فوریه 15, 2023
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فوریه 15, 2023

For example, one seeks to enrich us by selling a digital currency trading package, one seeks to enrich us by selling a data package within the network, and another seeks to enrich us by selling a digital currency trading robot.

In your opinion, all these people who are looking to make us rich, why are they looking to sell packages of 1 million tomans and 3 million tomans. In your opinion, this is not contradictory. Well, it’s better to take a look at the giants of the financial markets. Have you ever seen someone like Warren Buffett or one of the internal examples like Saeed Khakaster looking to sell a package? The answer is definitely negative, but now a new flood has started and that is the digital currency trading assistant or the digital currency trading robot.

In this article, we intend to teach you once and for all which robots can be profitable for you and which robots can empty your pocket in the best possible way. First of all, if you are looking for the exact price of a digital currency, you can use the live price page of digital currencies. We have tried our best to show you the best price with the most suitable volume in an exchange. You can use this price in other exchanges to convert your digital currency to fiat and vice versa.

Why is the best cryptocurrency trading robot not sold to real people?

Before anything else, let us tell you that currently, trading robots are active on various exchanges and are trading. But these robots all have multi-layered and personal code. No trading bots provide digital currency to ordinary people. The first reason is that people cannot afford it. “Currently, a trading robot with AI and Machine Learning capabilities has a price of over 1 million dollars. » The second point is that their trading algorithm is destroyed very quickly because HTF trading costs money for the exchange.

And on the other hand, in the long run, this is detrimental to the exchange. Finally, pay attention to the fact that the exchange itself, if your capital is acceptable, will usually trade at the opposite point of yours, and stopping will become a routine task for him. Candle making is a normal thing even in the Bayance exchange, and it depends on the trading power of the digital currency trading robot and your trading time frame, and finally it depends on the amount of your capital.

Of course, note that candle making is not only for you personally, but usually in general. As I said, it depends on your ability. But even highly intelligent programmers cannot design a cryptocurrency trading robot for you. The reason is that they cannot understand the structure of the market. On the other hand, how do they want to control the fluctuations of fundamental market news. To better understand the last point, it is better to read the article “What is fundamental analysis in Forex?” ” See.

Is there a free digital currency trading robot or a free trading robot?

You can search the internet for days looking for a cryptocurrency trading robot, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The first point is, why should a person give his money making machine to others? The second point is, if this bot is a money maker, why should it give it to you without any eyes? This work is just like if your local bank puts an ATM machine in your house and comes every morning for free and fills the machine with money!

Of course, we have an exception, which is ultimately to your detriment. You should pay attention to the fact that some small Iranian and foreign exchanges offer you a free digital currency trading robot. When you look at the statement, it’s just money making. But when you activate the free trade robot on your account, after one or two profitable trades, it gets stuck in the swamp of compound losses. What do you think is the main problem and where is it? This is the ultimate trick of exchanges to use the broken traders.

But we have to tell you that some people have cryptocurrency trading robots and give it to you for free. But this robot does not have a strategy. What we mean is that he is going to use a simple function for you. For example, you open a buy or sell deal. The task of this robot is to set stop loss and profit limit for you according to risk management. Which again raises the issue of what is the final algorithm of this robot according to which model it is supposed to find the points.


Building a digital currency trading robot The best way to use a trading robot


The best way is to turn yourself into a trading robot with the help of a personal strategy programmer. Of course, you should pay attention to two points, the first point is to sign a non-disclosure agreement with your programmer from the very beginning. The second point is to use all your efforts so that with a proper planning you can turn the strategy into a robot that is profitable for you.

Your trading strategy should be successful in short and long term backtest and forward test. If you have not yet achieved a fixed profit strategy for at least 3 to 5 years. The best thing is to do your best and create a proper trading strategy. Note that this is enough for you


Yar is important and can change your financial future in the short and long term.


Based on the studies, it is possible to build a trading robot if you, as a person, monitor the digital currency macro market structure for at least 7 years. You might say to yourself that the market does not have seven years of data. We have to tell you that 7 years of data is available but it is not structured and it is your responsibility to understand its structure.

final word


In this article, we have discussed fully and comprehensively about the digital currency trading robot. If you have experience of buying a digital currency trading robot. Or you have worked with an Iranian digital currency trading robot. You can share the results with us. In the comments section of this article, we will be waiting for you to use your comments.