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What professional traders do before trading

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Hello, we have come with a very important practical article in the field of digital currency and trading in financial markets. As you know, in order to become a great painter, you have to look at the history of great painters. If you want to become a great engineer, look at the lives of great engineers. Now, if you want to become a great trader, you must look at the lives of great traders. Note that if you know what professional traders do before trading. If you also do those things, you will definitely experience a significant growth in your account balance.

All our efforts at the digital currency site are to help the community of forex traders or digital currency traders. To write this article, we have taken the help of several professional mentors in the field of trade and digital currency. Therefore, if you have any challenges or questions in any section, you can ask us in the comments section. We will also ask your questions to professional mentors and give you the answers. But first of all you will need to convert your money to Tether to trade. In the live price section of digital currencies, we have made every effort to obtain the average price of Iranian exchanges so that you can make the best choice.


Examining the rules and lifestyle of professional traders


Note that the best thing to do in trading is to follow the example of the elders in this field. In this section, we mention some points that are applicable in Iran. Some of the behaviors of the big forex traders are prohibited in Iran and cannot be done in any way. For example, shooting with semi-heavy weapons is illegal in Iran. But some big traders use this technique to vent their emotions.


  1. Exercise the first rule of professional traders


Note that this is usually the first thing professional traders do. It is that they start their day by exercising. You might think that what exercise has to do with trading. We have to tell you that by exercising, you harmonize your mind and body significantly. On the other hand, when the circulation in your body increases. This means you can think better.


A trader’s only weapon when trading is his will power and also his ability to think. When we looked into the lifestyle of professional traders. We found that a significant percentage of great traders exercise before trading, and on the other hand, if they miss a week of exercise. You will see its effects with managed losses. If you are looking to become a trader, you must exercise regularly.


  1. They usually meditate before trading


When we were researching the topic “What do professional traders do before trading”. We found that more than 90% of professional traders do a short meditation of 5 to 10 minutes before their trade. This is why you should also meditate before trading. Meditation helps you not to get caught up in the emotions of the market. Make your decisions better. On the other hand, you can make an appropriate decision and also understand the market better.


You will have only two options at the time of your trade. The first option is to buy and the second option is to sell. If you could not reach any of these three options with your mentality. At this time, the best thing to do is to wait. The purpose of meditation is to pay better attention to the details of the chart. That is why you should have a proper focus on all the chart items and try to see it as it is.


For example, because he was talking about buying bitcoin with his trader friends. It doesn’t mean that you can view everything on a purchase basis. In this regard, I suggest you to read the article “Psychology of Trading in Digital Currency”. In this case, you can be sure to show a correct behavior. Forex and digital currency market is a profitable market provided you know what professional traders do before trading.

  1. They remember the details of their trade


You won’t find a professional forex or digital currency trader who opens or closes a position without remembering his trade details. On the other hand, note that trading is profitable for you when you can repeat your correct behavior. When you don’t know why you made a profit in this transaction or why you lost in this transaction. It is quite normal to not have profitable results. We will also be with you in this way.


If you have problems analyzing your past positions, you can count on our help. On the other hand, all big traders usually check their trade balance monthly and annually. That is why the trading desk of great Forex traders is always the most valuable part of their work. Of course, remembering transactions or taking notes from your traders has principles that we will discuss in detail in the next articles.


Usually, big forex traders and famous digital currency traders record their video at the time of trading at the same time as taking notes of their transactions. This is because they know what they have done right. And also what they should not have done and have repeated. It is possible

Take a look at your cell phone before you trade. When you check, it will know when it is occupied by you.

  1. They do not open positions without measuring the risk


When you check what professional traders do before trading. One of the things that they do definitively and without the possibility of error. Usually, before trading, they check what effect the risk of this position has on the trader’s margin for the day, week, month. Note that you may have to margin trade in the opposite direction. In this case, it can be said that you are simply removed from the market.