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What is TRVL digital currency? | Getting to know the Dtravel platform

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TRVL digital currency is the native currency of Dtravel network. The Dtravel Network is a home sharing platform between hosts and guests, run by its own community. The platform is actually a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that gives ownership to the users of the platform. This project is supported by having TRVL tokens. TRVL holders, community members including guests and hosts can all provide feedback on future plans for the platform.

Digital currency name TRVL (TRVL)

Abbreviation of TRVL

The current price is $0.0669

Rank on the Coin Market Cap website is 834

Daily trading volume $107,579

Total supply $1,000,000,000

Amount in circulation $118,741,784

Official website http://www.dtravel.com/

White paper http://www.dtravel.com/

What is the Dtravel platform?

Dtravel is a decentralized marketplace that provides home sharing for its users. This network belongs entirely to its community. Dtravel is designed based on blockchain technology. Thanks to its DAO structure, hosts and guests can determine the future of Dtravel with its native token.

The home sharing industry, which started with the idea of letting people stay at home for free, has grown well today. Home sharing accommodations have become the first choice for many travelers who are looking for the experience of staying in local homes and want to connect with hosts and not pay a lot for hotel stays. However, with this maturity and population growth, this has led to high fees, transactional relationships between host and guest, and alienation from society.

Fortunately, home-sharing platforms such as the TRVL digital currency network have taken steps to solve these problems with their DAO approach, allowing community members to voice their concerns within the ecosystem. Led by former Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia and blockchain executives, it’s clear that Dtravel understands the market as it aims to solve home-sharing problems using powerful blockchain technology.

The benefits of the Dtravel platform are not limited to providing equal opportunities. From lower costs for hosts and guests to co-ownership of your community through TRVL tokens are all benefits of this platform. Dtravel brings home sharing back to its community roots and evolves through the use of Web 3 technologies. Overall, Dtravel has the interests of its members in mind, so it aims to distribute value fairly to all members of the community, including hosts and guests.

Who are the founders of Dtravel?

Among the founders of this network are Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, Travala.com, Cardano (IOHK) and Yearn Finance, all of which specialize in blockchain. Among the most prominent are Bruno Paleo, former director of engineering at Cardano, DeFi architect and founder of Yearn Finance, Andre Cronje, and Booking.com co-founder Siko Behrens.

What is TRVL digital currency?

The Dtravel platform is a community-driven network. The general and permanent goal of Dtravel is to create a platform to support the community. A secondary goal is to build a real marketplace for home sharing. A market that brings hosts and guests together and minimizes and decentralizes mediation between them.

     It has created the TRVL token, which is a utility token to advance the economy of the community.

     Dtravel has created the DAO, which is an autonomous decentralized organization governed by TRVL token holders, including hosts and guests.

     Everyone who owns TRVL tokens is considered a member of the platform’s community, and the community is flexible in terms of definition and reinterpretation.

Dtravel uses blockchain technology using the following:

     TRVL digital currency

     Smart contracts to automate operations

     Toconomics and decentralized governance to align the interests of hosts and guests and reduce tensions

The foregoing is expected to provide Dtravel with significant operational efficiencies and allow Dtravel to maintain costs that are significantly lower than other short-term and long-term home sharing platforms. In addition, all collected platform fees are sent to the community treasury controlled by Dtravel DAO, thereby creating a strong value proposition for TRVL token holders, hosts and guests.

Dtravel is mentored and led by former executives of Airbnb, Expedia and other global technology companies and backed by world-class venture capitalists.

Features of the Dtravel platform

Dtravel is building a decentralized, community-owned and controlled home-sharing network. The Dtravel network facilitates the discovery of short-term and long-term accommodation, while allowing users to book using traditional currencies and popular digital currencies. Dtravel directly addresses the challenges facing the home sharing industry.

The most important features of this platform include the following:

     Mediation: The Dtravel platform seeks to create a true marketplace for hosts and guests, where communication is free and a peer-to-peer home-sharing experience emerges for both parties.

     Low Fees: With nominal fees as low as 10% and overall fees as low as 5%, Dtravel’s fee structure is affordable and under community control.

     Fair distribution of fees among members cAmeah: All the income from the fee goes to the treasury of the society, so it is distributed among the members of the society.

     Decentralized Dispute Resolution: Dtravel will decentralize dispute resolution through a support approach to monetization.

     Clean Rewards: Star hosts and guests receive rewards in the form of TRVL digital currency. These rewards make members more loyal to the network.

     Transparency: Using Web3 and blockchain technologies, digital currencies and DAO, Dtravel is naturally highly transparent.

What are the unique features of TRVL digital currency?

TRVL tokens are required to join the Dtravel community. As the main tool of the Dtravel platform, TRVL tokens have four goals:

. Guests are rewarded with TRVL per booking to make using Dtravel more enjoyable for booking stays.

     Loyalty: There are incentives for both hosts and guests that reward them for helping the Dtravel ecosystem grow. Support for monetization is also included here to reward your community for their contributions.

     Protection: Hosts receive $1 million in asset protection pool, with DeFi support.

  It innovates in many areas such as support initiative to earn money. Just like today’s GameFi projects and NFT games that focus on gaming systems to monetize and reward continued loyalty and engagement, Dtravel adopts a similar monetization support reward structure that encourages users to Be more active in society. From resolving user disputes to onboarding new users, users who engage in and support the Dtravel home sharing ecosystem are appropriately rewarded with TRVL tokens.

From which exchanges should we buy TRVL digital currency?

  The team has organized planning to ensure the future of their platform. Some of the most important things related to this planning are the modification of the platform, further modification of the support mechanisms for monetization and bridges to transfer from TRVL to other blockchain networks. As booking fees on other platforms have skyrocketed, Dtravel stands out thanks to its wallet-friendly fees and its focus on distributing value fairly between hosts and guests.

In general, it can be said that the success of TRVL digital currency is determined by its acceptance rate by users of the crypto world. Hosts and guests are already encouraged to try out the platform as the early call distributes 15 million TRVL tokens to community members, totaling 90 million tokens overall for community members as rewards for helping grow the allocation ecosystem. given. This is certainly a big step in the right direction for the long-term growth of the Dtravel ecosystem and TRVL token programs.

What is the future of TRVL digital currency?

Part of TRVL’s future, like other cryptocurrencies, depends on the overall performance of the crypto market. But what should be considered is choosing the right strategy. If you are a risk taker you can invest in TRVL. At the same time, it is better to spend only a part of your property that you can afford to lose in this way.