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Korean digital currency timestope is a new digital currency project that turns time into an asset. TimeStope promotes the idea that everyone has equal time, so time is a fair asset. On the surface, this project creates an opportunity for everyone to earn money, but on the inside, it is a scam. Continue reading to learn more about TimeStope and the Tau currency.

TimeStope is a program that claims you can mine cryptocurrency and earn money with the time you have. This claim sounds very unrealistic, and it is. When you use this app, you will basically be mining a digital currency, but is this mining profitable or just a waste of time and risking your mobile phone? In this article, we will check the legitimacy of this program and give you an overview to find out if TimeStope is really worth using or not.


What is Timestope Korean digital currency?


TimeStope is a new digital currency project whose income is determined by time. This app was founded in 2020 by Seungil Chung. The idea behind this project is that everyone has equal time, so time is considered a fair asset.

Korean digital currency timestope was created to enable users to earn time as a digital currency. Time tokens are known as Tau. Just like Pi currency, Tau coins are mined using mobile phones. Both cryptocurrencies attempt to correct a common problem in the cryptocurrency space. Early adopters have a greater revenue advantage than later adopters. Of course, this is what the project owners claim.


How does timestope Korean digital currency work?


In TimeStope, users have to log into the app daily to mark their presence or in other words, to mine the currencies. Currencies are mined at a rate of 1 tao per hour, which means 24 tao per day. After registration, users are given a 2-year stop. Stop refers to the amount of time users can mine cryptocurrency for free.

Depending on your activity level, your stop can be increased more precisely on your behalf. In addition, you cannot register on TimeStope without an invitation code. When you sign up, your time is split between you and the person who invited you (called a witness).

40% of your time is given to your inviter while you have the remaining 60%. You will earn 14.4 tav per day while inviter will earn extra 9.6 tav per day. In short, you download the TimeStope app, register with your invite code, and receive Tau currency daily.


Timestop Korean digital currency attendance score


Attendance score is one of the features of Timestope Korean digital currency. This score determines the transfer limit of users. Also, users can increase their stay if they have more points. After registration, you will be given 100 points. Then by doing more activity, i.e. inviting more users, your points will increase.

Every day you mark your presence in the program, you get 2 points. Every day you miss it, you lose 3 points. Once you reach 1000 points, every additional 200 points you earn will grant you 120 more days. This means that TimeStope users can mine currency forever.


How to make money from timestope Korean digital currency?


There are 2 main ways to earn from this platform:

Daily Attendance: You earn coins by marking your daily attendance on the app. You don’t have to wait 24 hours for it to pass. As long as it is the next day, you can mine coins.

Referral: You earn coins when you invite someone and they download the app. This action turns you into an inviter. And for every person you invite, you earn 40% of their time. As long as you invite 250 people, you will be given an additional 2 years step. This means you have 2 more years to mine timestope Korean digital currency for free.

Support channels and public opinion

There is a support section on the site where users can submit their request. Also, users can receive updates of this platform through these channels:

It has a group on Reddit with about 112 active members.


How to mine tau currencies for free?


First, you need to download and install the TimeStope application. Currently, this program can only be installed on Android devices. Then open the app and select New Account. Accept the terms of the agreement and complete the fields using judeworld as a witness (inviter).

When you are done, click Next. Check your details and tap “next” and “confirm” in sequence. You can also copy your private and public keys and store them in a safe place. Open the TimeStope app daily and mark your presence.

If you are an iPhone user, follow the steps below to extract tau coins:

Download and install BlueStacks (a virtual Android device) on your PC.

Launch BlueStacks and with sense

Sign in to your Google account.

Now open Google Play Store, search for TimeStope and install it.


The main problem of TimeStope


Although this program looks very interesting, it has a major problem. A good look at Timestope’s Korean cryptocurrency monetization program shows that active users can earn unlimited coins. By specifying daily attendance, their score will increase and their step will also increase.

Once they invite 250 people, they will receive a step in 2 years. This means that the extraction of free currencies will always continue. Finally, there will be no limit on the total supply of tau currencies and this will have a negative impact on the value of this asset. This is stated in the white paper of this cryptocurrency:

“The amount of time increases infinitely because the universe exists infinitely. It will continue to increase as many new miners join it and will increase exactly to 24 hours, that is, the time per day given to the participant. This results in a ‘distributed salary’ that distributes the real money generating power called TIME to individuals.”

According to this excerpt from the time stope white paper, we can see that there is no ceiling for Tau token mining, and this is worrying. TimeStope, on the other hand, wants to create an opportunity for everyone to earn fairly, without early adopters overshadowing latecomers while acting like a pyramid structure. In fact, considering the method of giving 40% of other users’ time to witnesses, this goal seems far from fair.


Is TimeStope legal?


The developers are insisting on making the Korean digital currency timestope a legal currency, citing reasons. They state that “Timestope is definitely legit as it is a certified cryptocurrency that started free mining on October 7, 2020 and was founded by the Korean Association. Free cryptocurrency “mining” is made available by Timestope to everyone from all over the world. Timestope is one of the best promising cryptocurrencies and most excitingly, it has 100% free registration and free mining with or without referrals.”

But since its operation does not seem logical at all and its currencies have no value, it is suggested that you consider it a scam and do not spend your time on such programs because the probability of them being a scam is very high.