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Validation of the Timon project (TMON)

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The Tmon project, which some call Temon, started its activity by misusing the name of an online sales site for various products. This site was launched about 6 months ago and although some of its managers have been arrested, it continues to operate. Timon introduces himself as the famous Korean online store, but in fact, he faked the name of that store and it is a fraud project. Stay tuned as we provide more information about the Timon scam.


What is TMON project?


If you search Timon’s name in Google, the main website address that belongs to the Korean online store appears in the first results. This store is something similar to Amazon, which sells various products all over the world.

If you go to the bottom of the Google search page, you can find Timon’s site with a .COM domain. Of course, this site has two different domains including tmon-earning and tmon55. The second domain does not appear in the initial Google results, but most users know Timon by this domain. No description of the project has been given by the developer team in any of the domains.

The fact that only 6 months have passed since the launch of Timon’s website is a sign of its unreliability. Of course, it means fake Timon site because Timon’s online store has been operating since 2010 and has nothing to do with the TMON fraud project. In fact, nowhere is it mentioned that this store offers other services in different domains.

The goal of Timon project managers is to use, or rather abuse, the names of the world’s largest online stores, including Amazon and Timon, which unfortunately have been successful to some extent because there are always those who welcome it and without knowing that they are being defrauded of capital and They spend their valuable time working on this fake and false site.


Introducing the Timon project by its construction team


This is a summary of what Timon’s Fraud Project team has to say about it.

Of course, it is true that products are sold on Timon’s site, but this is only the appearance of the work, and inwardly, the goal is something else. The developer claims that it earns money through commissions and commissions from sellers, as well as through marketing and advertising traffic.

They claim that they help sellers to expose their online store and receive a commission from them in return for this help. They even promise them the globalization of different businesses, and in this way they attract their opinion.


How does Timon’s fraud project work?


The Timon project hides behind large online stores and uses their name to attract users. To register on the site of this project, you only need a username, password and mobile number.

Another important point is that the site supports Persian among other languages. Usually, when a foreign site supports Farsi language, you should suspect that there are fraudulent intentions behind it.

After entering the Timon site, you can see explanations about how to join and earn money through Timon. This shows that this project is similar to a pyramid project, which is pure fraud, and only a few people at the top earn profits for a short period of time, and all the others lose money.

Interestingly, even the rewards are not assigned directly to the users. Rather, the user must contact the representative of the Timon fraud project and request to receive his reward for working in the project and adding a member to it.

A pyramid system needs to attract new members in order to continue working, so it rewards previous members in exchange for adding new members. Such projects usually set a financial goal for themselves and continue to operate until that goal is reached. After that time, they take all the capital they got from other people’s pockets and disappear.


What is the economic model of Timon’s fraud project?


Since the old pyramid companies like Goldquest did not have an economic model and were dismantled very soon, new fraud projects try to gain the opinion and trust of users by presenting an economic model, for example, buying and selling goods on their site. whose income is through economic activity, not membership!

The economic model of Timon is that after registering and logging in, users register their hypothetical purchase orders from a large online store, for example, Amazon, and thus the sales percentage of that product from Amazon increases, and Timon in return The increase in sales percentage receives a commission from the seller and rewards the user who placed the order.

Of course, working in Timon is not free. Rather, each user must pay at least $100 to start working. Money deposit must also be in Tether digital currency. After this, the user can place an order on Timon’s fraud site and receive rewards.

Now, if the user does not register daily orders, he can earn income by introducing new members to the project. The activity on this site is done at different levels. The number of orders that each user can place during the day is limited to the level he is at. For example, the user at the first level is allowed to register only 30 orders per day. 0.14 dollars will be rewarded for registering each order.

This bonus amount is very small. For this reason, users usually try to go to higher levels to earn more. This is where the company’s pyramid approach comes into play.

First, to raise the level, the user must deposit more money to the project account. Second, it should also introduce new members to the collection.


What is the status of Timon’s fraud project in social media?


According to the information and statistics published about the Timon project, the most users of this project are from Romania. Maybe it can be concluded that the activity of this project started from this country. Of course, now its field of activity has expanded and extended to our country, Iran. There is no exact information on who or who set up Timon’s Scam Project domain, but it appears to be registered in the US.

Temon project is being advertised in most social media such as Telegram, Instagram, YouTube and Aparat. Timon’s advertisements have even been opened to the wall site, which is usually removed by this site. If you go to YouTube, you can see instructional videos about how to work in this project.

Recently, news has been published that users cannot withdraw their assets from Timon or that the support forces of this site are not responsive, which could be a sign of the project being dismantled. In fact, users’ complaints about Timon have caused its leaders to be arrested in Iran. Of course, apparently the problems have been solved now, but this may be a temporary solution. So you should be careful and don’t risk your capital with your eyes and ears closed.




The Timon project is one of the projects that are used in the world of digital currencies today, and like a pyramid company, it collects new members through old members. In the meantime, it receives some capital from each user and rewards them in return. In the meantime, the more a person adds more members to the collection and spends more capital in the project, the more rewards he receives. In this article, we examined this project and provided reasons that it is a scam. Now it’s up to you to decide whether to join Timon’s fraud project or not!

In the end, we advise you not to leave your capital in the hands of profiteers and never enter such Ponzi projects.