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Why crypto?

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December 29, 2022
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December 30, 2022

Why should we invest in digital currencies, or what are the benefits of doing so, is definitely a question on your mind. In this essay on the advantages of investing in digital currencies, we provide an answer to this query. The primary objective of any investment is to produce profits. Thus there are numerous reasons to invest in digital currencies.


  •     Potential for high returns

The fact that digital currencies are overgrowing and have excellent return potential is one of the benefits of investing in them. Over the past few years, digital currencies have outperformed most other types of assets. For instance, in the previous five years, the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum increased by about 1000% and 500%, respectively. Cryptocurrency investments do, however, have hazards, so you should be aware of them and only begin investing after gaining the appropriate knowledge.


  • Global market

Unlike stock markets, the crypto market is global. There are two angles to look at this problem from:
First, different regions and eras were introduced to the idea of the stock market. The Bombay Stock Exchange was founded in 1875, whereas the New York Stock Exchange was founded in 1792. Investing in the previous market exposes investors opportunities for early investments. On the other hand, the

universality of cryptocurrencies was offered to the entire world rather than just specific regions, giving everyone a chance to invest on an equal footing.

Second, many still find it difficult to invest in international markets, which limits investment options depending on location. However, anyone can invest in ventures anywhere in the world with digital currencies.


  • Transaction costs

Compared to other financial services, bitcoin transactions are comparatively inexpensive. It normally costs $25 to $30 to send money domestically. Even more money might be spent when sending money abroad.
Transactions using cryptocurrencies are typically cheaper. You should be aware that the blockchain’s demand may push up transaction fees. The median transaction fees are still less than wire transfer costs even on the busiest blockchains.


  •  Simplicity

With the introduction of several cryptographic platforms, buying and trading digital currencies has also become relatively simple, which is another benefit of investing in them. With only a few clicks, you can purchase digital currencies on several platforms. Additionally, ideas like yield farming and ownership have been developed to assist bitcoin investors in using their resources.


  • Accessibility

The availability of cryptocurrencies around-the-clock is another benefit of investing in digital currency. Banks and stock exchanges are only open for eight hours daily and are closed on weekends.  What would you do if you needed funds in an emergency? You cannot rely on banks or stock markets to move money on such a basis or to liquidate your investments. But you can trust digital currencies. Digital currencies are accessible 24×7. Since exchanges are open every day of the week, including weekends, you may buy or sell cryptocurrencies at any time. Without using banks or other middlemen, you may also send money to friends and relatives in an hour.


  •  Security

The fact that digital currency transactions are encrypted using cryptography is another benefit of investing in them. This ensures that your data is only accessible to those who are authorized. With the development of blockchain technology, it has become exceedingly challenging to use digital currency fraudulent.

Every participant in the blockchain network has a copy of all network transactions. Transactions using digital money are similarly unchangeable. A transaction cannot be modified after it has been recorded, prohibiting record tampering.


  • Transaction speed

Comparing digital currency transfers to traditional bank transfers, digital currency transfers may be made quickly and inexpensively worldwide. As a result, it becomes quicker and more effective. This is a major benefit of investing in digital currencies, as they may have many potential uses for international payments.


  •  Privacy

Blockchain transactions have aliases while being visible to everyone. Each user may be recognized by their public and private addresses. Addresses are 26–35 character alphabetic texts.
The public address is your pseudonym identification, used to identify all your transactions. Others may use it to send you cryptocurrency transfers. In contrast, a private address is the one you use to access your cryptocurrency. Private and public addresses ensure the confidentiality of transactions.

To access your digital wallet, two keys—a public key and a private key—are required (just like a bank locker). Your holdings are stored in this digital wallet and Your crypto exchange manages the public key.
None of the keys allow anybody else to access your account. Therefore, even if your public key is compromised, a third party cannot access your crypto assets without your private key. Imagine it as a lock with a combination that gives you total command over your possessions.