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Why do we trade? Can becoming a trader change our financial destiny?

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فوریه 23, 2023
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Why do we trade? Can becoming a trader change our financial destiny?

Hello, we came with a pure and first-hand article in the field of digital currency trading.

Today, we intend to change your view of digital currency and trading in this market. We are going to teach you some tips to know when you are ready to trade in the digital currency market. Of course, I will also have some tips and shortcuts for you. But you should focus on trading with an empty mind and without any bias.

Keep in mind that all our efforts are to give you tips that can change your financial future. Before doing anything, you need to convert your Rial to Tether for trading and also for long-term investment in digital currency. Or you will need to convert your Rial directly to Bitcoin or Ethereum. Prices are very different in domestic and foreign exchanges.

That’s why you should focus on finding the best price. We have put the average of several markets for you in the live price section of digital currency. This is why you need a higher than average price to sell and a lower than average price to buy.

Is job trading a great idea that will make us billions?

When you are surfing on Instagram. You will definitely see many rich and happy people gathered together in the Explore section. But the most important thing is that more than half of these people are either traders or gamblers! First of all, we must tell you that gambling and trading are very different from each other. But the very important point is how these people have reached this level of wealth. We have to tell you that these people are a few snakes who are looking for your money.

But we have to tell you a few things. The first point is that trading is really a money-making and very reliable field. But drawing a few lines on the chart and waiting for the market reaction is not trading. You might say to yourself that why should we trade? We have to tell you that we trade to find our main strategy to invest and find a passive income. The market will be profitable for us, as long as we focus and put all our efforts on risk management and capital management in digital currency.

In this section, we are going to tell you that we consider ourselves a trader when we have achieved our profitable strategy. In this case, we can say that trading is a money-making machine that only requires us to focus and be careful. Finally, you can achieve whatever you want by trading. Of course, provided that you last at least 5 years in the financial market. Note that our whole purpose is to tell you that the financial market is not going to make you rich overnight.


How to trade to get rich?


Usually, one of the questions other than “Why should we trade?” If you are looking to get rich in the financial market. We must tell you that this is not a difficult task. But you have to pay attention to some basic variables.

  1. Have a fundamental view

The first major variable you should pay attention to is macroeconomic news. Some macroeconomic news are also known as fundamental analysis. As a trader, you cannot have a correct analysis of market speed without fundamental news. This speed may remind you of a very large and precise path. If you can do proper technical analysis. You can definitely use this path to your advantage. To better understand this article, you can read the article “What is fundamental analysis in Forex?” » Use completely and comprehensively.

Of course, you can also trade in the digital currency market using this article. Because the fundamental rules in the digital currency market are divided into two parts. The first part in the digital currency market is that you need to check the world news to understand the risk aversion and risk appetite of the market. Then you can check the status of your desired digital currency by reading exclusive digital currency news. For example, digital currency X is supposed to have a token burn. In this case, short trading on this digital currency is prohibited.

  1. Learn your technical analysis as a shell


In response to the question of why to trade, we told you that you should trade to make a passive income. Now you want to know how long you can manage your passive income. You will need to do strong technical analysis. Pay attention, that the digital currency market is a profitable market that can create a financial future for you. But you can grow if you do proper technical analysis.

To learn technical analysis, you can refer to the article “What does technical analysis include?” » Use completely and comprehensively. To know how the financial market works and how you can own a small part of this financial market. The financial market is an extremely attractive and effective market. Of course, provided that you can manage it properly and also have proper entry and exit points.

final word


In this article, we talked to you in detail about why we should trade. But you should pay attention to a few things. The first point is open

Finance is always profitable as long as you respect its rules. The second point is that the financial market can be used for you when you have an active income with low risk. Of course, if your active income is risk-free, this issue will be much better. As a last point, note that market psychology will help you live a better life.