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Why should we buy Bitcoin? Review of the article “The Internet of Money”

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Why should we buy Bitcoin? Review of the article “The Internet of Money”

We have come up with a very interesting article in the field of digital currency. It is possible that you are a person interested in the world of digital currency. But your interest is not enough anymore and you have to enter the buying and selling of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. You might say to yourself that this work requires expertise and knowledge in the field of blockchain. But we have to tell you that you think a little wrong. Stay with us till the end of this article to find out how you can buy bitcoins without knowledge.

But before anything else, we must tell you that you need to have a standard and average price to buy Bitcoin. It is possible that the price of Bitcoin is different in each exchange. That’s why we have a live cryptocurrency price chart for you. You can use the average price in different exchanges for your buying and selling. Of course, you can also use the support section of our site to buy and sell Tether.

Finally, note that we are going to review a part of the article “The Internet of Money” for you in this section. If you have any questions or specific challenges about any section, you can raise them in the comments section. VIP digital currency research team will also give you the answer as soon as possible. Our goal is to increase the knowledge of every Iranian in the blockchain field.

Is bitcoin valid? Why should we buy Bitcoin?


It is possible that you do not have comprehensive information about Bitcoin and its working basis. That’s why you’d better take a look at this section after this article, “Why Bitcoin is only called digital gold”. Bitcoin is a digital currency whose value is determined by its network as well as its difficulty. We must tell you that Bitcoin moves like the index and leader of the digital currency world. That’s why when you bought Bitcoin. As if you have a basket of digital currency.

Of course, it is possible that several digital currencies will give more profit than Bitcoin in a year. But also pay attention to the fact that many digital currencies usually give a profit of several hundreds or thousands of percent in a year. But in the next year they crash and return all their profits. As a result, we are supposed to have a safe investment. It is better to return to our question. Why should we buy Bitcoin?

  1. Bitcoin is the future of money in the world

When email was first introduced to American society, everyone thought the project was doomed. Who is willing to use e-mail as long as it is a letter? On the other hand, working with this mail system is very difficult and we cannot simply use it. According to the position of different people regarding email and also different chromes that were used to chat. At that time, the opinion of technology analysts was that the email project would fail after a few years.


But today, when you look, all countries, even third world countries like Iran 🤐, use the email and Jameel system for their work. Bitcoin is exactly like this, many people may resist buying and selling it now. But in the recent past, many countries are forced to recognize this digital currency. But we must also point out that it is never too late to buy Bitcoin as long as we have a plan for it.

  1. Bitcoin may become the new standard


When we examine the question of why we should buy Bitcoin, we should also note that there is currently no strong infrastructure for using Bitcoin. Of course, there are Bitcoin ATMs all over the world today. You can get “physical money common between countries” by paying Bitcoin fiat. But we have a completely different meaning and strategy of expressing this issue. Now let’s pay attention to what Antonopoulos said. In one of his famous speeches, Antonopoulos was talking about the entry of cars into our world.

When you wanted to use a car for the first time in different countries. You could have thousands of problems. It was possible that your car could simply get stuck in mud or hard areas. Roads and various cargo routes were built for four-legged use. The car could hardly pass through this road. But he would definitely have a problem with it. Now it is better to go one step further. When the streets were paved and the infrastructure changed. The city environment is suitable for both horses and cars. Today, we expect the same from the global monetary system.

Over time, different countries recognize coins and stablecoins and use them in their transactions. For this, they will definitely define the appropriate infrastructure. When the infrastructure for the use of cryptocurrencies increases, its price will definitely increase. Although today most of the cryptocurrencies have been added to domestic and foreign exchanges. You can easily use cryptocurrencies to buy and sell your car and house.

When and how to buy bitcoin?


When a transition is happening, it will be troublesome for you to stand on one side with all your strength. If you convert all your investable assets into digital currency. Or invest all your investable assets in a traditional way, your work is wrong. You should start converting your assets over time in a 15-10 year process.

For example, you can convert 5% of your income per month.

You may say that your assets are too small right now. But we have to tell you that you think wrong. 5% is the amount that can be invested for each person. Note that the digital currency market is an inexhaustible market, if you enter it without a plan, it will be very difficult for you.


final word


In this section, we will partially review the article Why should we buy Bitcoin? We paid “The Internet of Money”. Note that the market is going to be a little more attractive to you. Of course, provided that your knowledge also increases in proportion to the growth of the market. Because usually the first people are always the richest people and will be.