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دسامبر 2, 2023

With the increase in the price of Bitcoin, more than 68 million dollars of trading positions were liquidated

In the last 24 hours, the price of Bitcoin experienced a significant increase, resulting in the liquidation of trading positions worth more than $68 million. This […]
دسامبر 1, 2023
Elon Musk prediction about the future of artificial intelligence shocked everyone

Elon Musk prediction about the future of artificial intelligence shocked everyone

X CEO Elon Musk believes that humanity is less than three years away from the dramatic changes that artificial intelligence will bring. During his recent conversation […]
دسامبر 1, 2023
SpaceX Dodge-1 moon mission confirmed

SpaceX Dodge-1 moon mission confirmed; Dodge price increased

SpaceX’s Dodge-1 moon mission has been cleared by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), according to Engineering Energy CEO Samuel Reed in X. As previously reported, […]
نوامبر 15, 2023

5 reasons why Bitcoin will not experience a long-term jump for now; The opinion of the analysts of the largest American bank

Analysts at J.P. Morgan, the largest bank in the United States, have compelling reasons to believe that a long-term surge in the price of Bitcoin and […]
نوامبر 13, 2023
What is OpenSea

What is OpenSea? Buy and sell NFT on OpenSea site

What is OpenSea ? Buy and sell NFT on OpenSea site. Over the past decade, the NFT or non-fungible tokens market has quickly become one of […]
نوامبر 12, 2023
What will replace Ethereum mining

What will replace Ethereum mining? The best Ethereum mining altcoins

It was in the summer of 2022 that Ethereum’s mining process ended forever and the platform’s consensus mechanism changed from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof […]
نوامبر 9, 2023
The best Metaverse projects in 2023

The best Metaverse projects in 2023 | The best Metaverse currencies for investment

Metaverse is the next generation digital world that uses Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies to allow users to seamlessly interact with their avatars. […]
نوامبر 7, 2023

Altcoins Lead Crypto Market Surge as Bitcoin Consolidates at $35,000

The recent upswing in the cryptocurrency market has been primarily driven by altcoins and speculative tokens, while the price of Bitcoin remains steady around the $35,000 […]
نوامبر 7, 2023

Bitcoin October Rally Revives Crypto Market, Boosts Meme Cryptocurrencies like SHIB and DOGE

Bitcoin’s October rally seems to have revived the cryptocurrency market, as more money poured into popular meme-based cryptocurrencies such as shiba inu (SHIB) and dogecoin (DOGE). […]
نوامبر 7, 2023

Key Considerations for Bitcoin in November

In late October, Bitcoin (BTC) finally broke out of its doldrums, crossing 30,000, even reaching over 30,000, even reaching over 35,000 on several occasions in the […]
نوامبر 7, 2023

The founder of LHV Bank has lost his $470 million Ethereum private key

In a shocking turn of events, the founder of LHV Bank, Rin Lohmus, has allegedly lost access to his Ethereum private key, which holds a staggering […]
نوامبر 7, 2023

“Cardano (ADA) Increases Market Cap, Joins Polkadot (DOT)”

Despite a slight decline in the past day, the overall cryptocurrency market has displayed notable growth, and Cardano (ADA) has been no exception, attracting nearly $2 […]