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دسامبر 16, 2022
Ethereum Price Future

Ethereum digital currency future price prediction

Ethereum is a digital currency with a lot of potential. While it is still relatively new, it has been gaining in popularity and value. Some experts […]
ژانویه 12, 2023

Ethereum Surpasses $1,400 as ETH Accumulation Speeds Up

For the first time since November 7th, the price of Ethereum has risen beyond $1,400. Approximately 3,000 new shark addresses (containing 100 to 10,000 $ETH) have […]
ژانویه 19, 2023

Ethereum’s price increase is in doubt after hitting resistance around $1.6K.

The $1,600 level continues to act as barrier for the price of ETH, suggesting that the current surge may not have enough traction to continue. This […]
ژانویه 29, 2023

Ethereum falls this week as Aptos, Axie, and Avalanche raise large gains

Friday’s declines in Bitcoin and Ethereum dashed optimism that the cryptocurrency market would post gains for the fourth week. However, the coins are still having a […]
فوریه 24, 2023

Ethereum (ETH) might create the well-known “Head and Shoulders” pattern, but It may reverse.

As it has been unable to move over this price level, traders have been worried about Ethereum (ETH), which has been trading around the $1,600–1,750 region. […]
مارس 1, 2023

Is this a right time to buy Ethereum?

On the last day, the price of Ethereum increased by 2% to $1,657 while the cryptocurrency market increased by the same percentage. With the currency just […]
مارس 6, 2023

According to a Coinbase executive, institutional investors are looking beyond BTC and ETH.

According to David Duong, Head of Institutional Research at Coinbase, institutional investors may be more open to cryptoassets besides Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Nearly 50% […]
مارس 6, 2023

What happens if the SEC rules Ethereum an unregistered security?

If Ethereum is classified as an unregistered security, it will be subject to the same rules as traditional securities, resulting in lower demand for the cryptocurrency. […]