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ژانویه 11, 2023

ADA whales are again in accumulation mode because of Cardano’s 30% recovery in a week.

The first week of January 2023 will see a considerable price increase. The move is fortunate for ADA, especially given that many cryptocurrencies still suffer losses […]
ژانویه 13, 2023

Bitcoin aims to retake $20,000 as traders of ether, xrp, and Cardano profit from a massive bull run.

Bitcoin bulls were able to defeat bitcoin bears this week after a titanic power struggle at the start of January, with the price rocketing beyond $18,000 […]
ژانویه 31, 2023

A review of Djed, Cardano’s overcollaterated stablecoin

After the chain index synchronization is finished, the Djed stablecoin is expected to launch. One of the cryptocurrency industry’s more contentious subsectors has been stablecoins. However, […]
فوریه 4, 2023

After the DJED was released, Cardano’s (ADA) growth changed drastically.

With most assets doing well and even laying some groundwork for the rally to continue next week, both the cryptocurrency and conventional markets are concluding the […]
فوریه 11, 2023

On Valentine’s day, Cardano is scheduled to receive a significant performance upgrade—Is an ADA boom coming?

The revelation has been confirmed by Cardano maintainer IOG, which will likely thrill the horde of ADA supporters. The long-awaited renovation has been slated for Valentine’s […]
فوریه 16, 2023

Cardano (ADA) price prediction | Will Cardano hit $10?

Cardano (ADA) price prediction | Will Cardano hit $10? In this post, we want to predict the price of Cardano while increasing ADA by 50% from […]
فوریه 20, 2023

Cardano (ADA) experiences massive price increase in next 18 months as ecosystem expands.

After a small retreat in early February, Cardano (ADA) increased this week. The price of the cryptocurrency increased by almost 17% during the last 72 hours, […]
فوریه 23, 2023

What is trade journaling? Why should we have trade journaling in the digital currency market?

What is trade journaling? Why should we have trade journaling in the digital currency market? Hello, we came with an interesting and professional article for the […]