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مارس 20, 2023
What is an accelerator oscillator

What is an accelerator oscillator?

Oscillator Accelerator is one of the most widely used and popular oscillators in the world, and if we look at the Metatrader software, we can see […]
مارس 21, 2023

Position Size and Leverage

Do you know what the size position is? Do you know lever or lever? Position size calculation is one of the most important factors of risk […]
مارس 21, 2023

What is the Martingale method?

Martingale is a method that was invented by an American and then implemented by different traders with different methods. The concern of old gamblers has always […]
مارس 21, 2023

Cardano’s long-term analysis Cardano’s prediction in 2023

Cardano is definitely one of the projects that has capabilities beyond a digital currency for trading. Cardano, built on the basis of academic research, has gained […]
مارس 22, 2023

Tron’s long-term analysis Tron price

Tron is one of the projects that, despite its special blockchain capabilities, has yet to achieve significant growth as a digital currency. Investors of this digital […]
مارس 22, 2023

three altcoins ready for growth

The cryptocurrency market has now calmed down after intense buying activity in January. This has caused many cryptocurrencies to behave marginally or retrace. However, this strengthening […]
مارس 22, 2023

OKX exchange Registration

Founded in 2014 by Star XU, the Belize-based OKX exchange is an exchange and investment platform for digital assets. This exchange is the second largest exchange […]
مارس 23, 2023

What is dydx exchange?

dydx exchange is one of the platforms providing various services, which has recently attracted a lot of attention and the number of its users is increasing. […]